Managed Self-Service Ordering

Managed Self-Service Ordering

Need someone with experience setting up and managing self service, online, QR ordering systems? You can hire support team to help you with whatever ordering system and POS system you have.

The promise of self service technology is harder to realize then most organization expect. We have found that there is a considerable time and skill commitment placed on the operation team of hospitality organizations that may not be in place already.


Make sure you get all the orders you can make, and none of the orders you can’t.

What we provide:

  • Real time, chat support for your on location FOH/BOH staff via WhatsApp
  • Complete Menu Data entry
  • Replicating your menu to multiple ordering channel apps
  • Updating inventory to multiple ordering channel apps
  • Review of sytem capabilities
  • Recommendation on how to deploy system features
  • Ongoing Menu and data updates
  • Processing refunds
  • Changing settings on a schedule
  • Updating inventory in real time
  • Configuration of promotions
  • Uploading of graphics
  • Editing and Creation of graphics
  • Real time monitoring of order processing
  • Multi location menu and system management
  • Keep abreast of new features and capabilities of vendor system to deploy to meet goals.

How it works:

  • You select the ordering platforms of your choice
  • You provide support with access to your accounts
  • You set the goals and requiremetns of the system with support
  • we review the system, meet with the vendors and advise on what can be achieved with the platform
  • We work with your internal team, your vendors, and your systems to execute all tasks to achieve stated goals.
  • A support team is assembled that is dedicated to your locations during your operational hours.
  • We perform all data entry and updates as needed.
  • Your managers and operation executives provide updates to our team at any time.
  • Your FOH and BOH staff can contact our support team as needed to address ongoing issues as they arise.

What does it cost?

For up to 3 ordering channels:
$500.00 a month per location plus 0.5% of order revenue after the first $100,000 of monthly revenue
Additional ordering channels $100.00 a month.

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