SCAN - ORDER & PAY - PICK UP Ordering App

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The best social distancing experience for service

Eliminate the line

  • Help your customers socially distance safely

  • Customers scan QR code to order

  • All orders are paid when submitted

  • Notify customers via when their order is ready for pickup

  • Contactless ordering and payment increase your social distancing by 70%

  • All orders are paid and assigned to the table

  • You can bring to nearby tables or notify guests to come to various pickup points

Provide the safest dining service

Commission Free contactless ordering and payments

Increase Revenue

Contactless service helps you never miss an order with social distancing

Better guest experience

Make your customers feel directly connected to you and communicate their every need

Optimise Staffing

Allowing you to cover larger sales areas with less staff and assisting in understaffed moments

What can do for your business

Pay only a transaction fee,
the rest is free!

Commission Free
Features and updates Free
No monthly charges or setup fees

Make your business more efficient

Reduce waiting times
Guests can order in advance
Pickup is faster and easier

Ensure your staff's safety

Service at a distance
Provide an end-to-end, contactless experience
Enable social-distance payment

Save time with an efficient back office

Orders are delivered instantaneously via staff app, printed or email
Customised daily financial reports
Stock management and optimisation

Supported payment processors

Supported point of sale systems

Supported kitchen printers