We Make Service Faster

For busy bars and restaurants

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Why make service faster?

Slow service ruins a great experience. It costs you money and wastes your guests time.

How do we do it?

Beautiful QR menus...

that takes the order...

and the payment...

and prints the ticket...

and gives your staff control!

Which saves your front-of-house staff an enormous amount of time.
How ser.vi works

Ser.vi works along side your service staff.

With ser.vi's proprietary Active Tables Screen your staff can see which tables still need service and which ones are using self service. So they can prioritize service where it is needed.

Anthony Joseph and Noah Tucker
Michelin Star chefs Anthony Joseph and Noah Tucker are cofounders of ser.vi

Made by restaurant owners for restaurant owners.

Every aspect of ser.vi has been crafted to give restaurant owners and operators control over the guest experience.

Menus are beautiful, well organized and fast
Ordering is so easy anyone can do it
Staff software is made to be intuitive and support hands-free operation
We provide 24/7 365 live support for your team

What ser.vi restaurants have to say

Kevin Williams - Bar Italia

Ser.vi helps us deal with staffing issues, and it's upselling is amazing for our business.

Vipin - IT Manager Fuddruckers KSA

Ser.vi allows us to replace our printed menus and assist our staff greatly.

Damian Zhang - Bar Twenty Two

Ser.vi is invaluable when we are short staffed and busy. It allows us to continue to provide excellent service and keep revenues up when we otherwise could not.

Gary Ambrad - Regional Manager Chili's KSA

Our servers have more time attending other needs, providing better customer service to all guests.

Do guests really want to order with their phones?

Yes. Yes they do.
If it's done right.
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Bottom line

What does it cost?


starting at 1.5% of sales and lower

Plus payment processing fees. Pricing depends on volume and commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to replace my POS?

No. Ser.vi works along side any POS system. Ser.vi provides a stand alone app you run on a standard android tablet that connects to your existing kitchen and bar printers.

Do I have to approve each order

No. While you can approve each order if you want. Ser.vi also easily runs in hands-free mode, automatically accepting and printing each order.

What about personal service?

You still provide personal service. You actually get to spend more time with guest that want to talk to you without ignoring or depriving other guests of service. Because most guest will place their orders and pay in ser.vi without needing staff attention. Do greet guests and explain your new amazing ordering and payment options. They will be thrilled.

How do we get paid?

Ser.vi will connect payments to your specific merchant service account. This means guests pay you directly, just like when you process a payment on your existing card terminals. You will receive funds in 1 to 2 business days.

What if everyone orders at the same time?

We get this question a lot. But it does not actually happen. Guests at the same table will order within a couple of minutes of each other. But on average while you receive more orders, and you will get them faster, orders do naturally spread out on their own.

How do I enter my menu content?

We handle it for you. Just send us your menu as a PDF or any other file format you have and our team will design and enter your menu content for you. Once entered you can request changes in real time via whatsapp or SMS. And your staff will be able to 86 any item and bring it back with 1 click in the staff app.

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