How It Works

The most comprehensive, end to end self-service ordering system via guests devices.

Beautiful QR Menus

Fast loading, instantly responsive, intuitively organized and 100% completely branded to your concept. You really have to try it to believe.

Small or Large Menus

From simple drinks and snacks to full multi-course menus. Guests can navigate the intuitive interface with ease.

Can't Scan? 

For guest that cant scan a QR code, we provide web connect to match them to your location quickly and easily.

Service & Ordering

Not only can guest order food and drinks, they can call for service. Most guest can complete an order in under 3 minutes.

Multiple Service Areas

Provide tailored user experiences for takeout or dine-in as well as inside seating vs terrace seating. Each area has its own schedule, menu display, login and checkout fees and options.

Scheduled Content

Every aspect of the menu is set to a repeating 7 day schedule. From location opening and closing hours to service area, then menu groups, categories and items.

Smart Modifiers

Any menu option or combination is supported. Even modifiers that appear and hide based on your weekly schedule.

Card On File is a PCI Complaint, secure payment wallet. Guests enter their card one time, and use card on file for each subsequent order.

Full Staff Control

Remain in full control of your dining room with the essential controls provided right in the staff app. Manage critical aspects of the menu in real time by those who know; your front of house staff.

1 Click Sell Out

Sell out of any item in 3 taps. All guests menus are updated in real time, even if they are trying to check out. You can also set a quantity on hand and will auto sell out for you.

Schedule Overvides

If your kitchen availability is variable, you can control when whole sections of the menu are live. Extend scheduled content or stop it early for that day.

Guest Activity Screen

Critical to providing Augmented Full Service - is knowing which tables are NOT logging in to self serve, so you can visit those specific tables and take their orders.

Daily Items

Control visibility and the text description of your daily items that you cannot put on a predicable schedule. Works for Soup of the Day, or rotating baked items, as well as draft beer availability.


Hands free operation is critical to assisting your staff in busy times. automatically prints orders placed by your customers without needing staff to interact with the tablet to moderate each order.

We achieve this through the high level of menu control your staff commands.

Scheduled Content

Appropriate menu content is automatically shown to guest throughout the day and week.

Auto Printing automatically prints your orders as work tickets in your bar or kitchen for you. Supporting simple to complex multi-printer setups.
Bottom line

What does it cost?

No setup costs. No Contracts.


starting at 1.5% of sales and lower

Plus payment processing fees. Pricing depends on volume and commitment.

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