Table Service

The only mobile solution that works alongside your wait staff. You can add self-service to your existing concept to capture missed orders and improve service speed.

Mobile order and pay at the table that you and your guests will actually want to use.

More Tables Per

Servers can take more tables and provide faster, more personal service due to time not spent on order and payment taking.

Reduction of FoH Costs

Operate at full seating capacity with fewer servers that work alongside self service and be unaffected from rushes or staff call outs.

Increase in Order Value

Guests tend to order more when they have access to the menu, with all the information they need, the entire visit.

Don’t Sacrifice Personal Service

Introducing Smart Blended Service: Self service and focused full service at the same time.

No need to go all self service in your dining room. Confidently let guests choose self-service or service-by-wait-staff because your wait staff can see which type of service your guests have chosen. is the only platform that allows staff to know, at a glance, right from their workstation, that visiting a table is needed or not. Your wait staff can spend their limited time with guests that desire wait service.

Result is high impact of self service on labor costs reduction without degradation of guest satisfaction.

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Don’t lose control of your dining room

With you never receive orders you can’t fulfill. It is the only platform that updates all your guest’s mobile menus in real time when your staff makes a change.

Our staff facing app allows your kitchen or wait staff to make critical changes, such as selling out any item or modifiers, as it happens. In just two taps, the items are marked as sold out in all guests menus instantly.

Our revolutionary app allows you to open or close service areas and or parts of the menu immediately, depending on unexpected changes in the ability to run or fulfil food orders.

Result is a self service solution as reliable as your best servers that you can depend on day in and day out.

Learn more about’s Areas and Control

Alternate Bar and Prep Line Routing

Have service bars or second food prep lines that you use as needed or when at max capacity? allows you to define these additional service stations and set hours of use or manual controls to enable them. When enabled, will route the items ordered to the appropriate alternate food or drink station.

Result is a self service system that is compatible with your high flow service configurations.

Your Printed Menu Made Mobile

Self Service Room Service

Take room service orders without being on the phone. Free your front desk staff to focus on guest services. Ties into your restaurant self service menus. Order from any of your food and beverage venues.

Set ordering for pick up or room delivery for different venues and times of day. Guest pay when they order using card on file.

Charge guests room service fees, special taxes and tips.

3D Printed Full Color Table Toppers

Our proprietary design, made from years of table top self-service experience, is durable and made to intuitively engage your guests. 

Interior and exterior table toppers are available in your brand and colors.

The QR codes are unique to each table or room so guest do not have to enter a table or room number after scanning, but go straight to the menu.

QR Code design is free of charge.

Guests use their own phones to order and pay

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