Garvies Point Brewery Blog Post

Garvies Point Brewery is an independent New York Brewery comprised of beer-centric people passionate about creating innovative, approachable beers with the finest ingredients. Their beers are all handcrafted onsite at their waterfront brewery in Garvies Point, Glen Cove New York.

They have indoor and outdoor seating and a bar.

There was no service for the outdoor seating. So Garvies choose to allow guest to get fast, full service experience at their out door tables, with no to little staff.

Problems to address:

  • Poor quality service experience
  • Long lines at bar
  • Lost revenue
  • Staffing cost to cover intermittent demand

How it works

  • Guest scan QR codes at the table
  • They see branded menu
  • Add items to their cart and checkout and pay.
  • Card is stored on their phone for easy checkout next order.
  • Order is received in the kitchen and printed automatically, hands free.
  • Food is prepared and delivered to the tables allows us to provide a great dining experience on our terraces without having to dedicated staff to the terrace.

– Matt Silver
General Manager

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