Improves your guest experience

28% of guests say service is worst part of dining out

Zagat survey asking "what irritates you the most about dining out?" and the largest issue was the quality of table service.Put yourself in your guest’s shoes, you been there, wanting to order more drinks or desserts but you have to wave down a server, if you can get their attention, if they come by in time. Too often, the server does not come by, see the guest or take that additional order.

Self service ordering allows guest to take control of their experience and reduce the opportunity for waiting and bad timing that results in poor service experiences.

Guest engagement and knowing your customer

The best way to improve service is to understand your customers experience. Effective mobile engagement also puts your brand in your guests hands, and allows you to get to know your guests, to know their name, and to collect feedback with each order.

Let them tell you what’s going well and what isn’t so you can priase your employees and make changes where you need to.

Bad Reviews hurt your business

90% of consumers will check the reviews of business. and a study found that a 1-star increase in ratings equals a 5-9% increase in revenue. Bad service experiences lead to bad reviews and lower score. Link to the Harvard study.

Servers want to provide better service

Servers have tons of work to do, prepping drinks, plating orders, delivering orders, handling payments, taking orders, putting in orders, there is very little time to visit every table at the right time for all the guests.

Self service mobile ordering and payment relieves 30 to 50% of the order taking and payment handling workload so your servers finally have the time they need to provide the full service attention bright eyed and enthusiastically like they want to do.

Increase your revenue

Stop missing guest orders

Wether it’s your regular busy times, or you find yourself low on staff, guests still want to place their orders. Your busiest times are your best opporuntity to generate revenue, but also the most challenging time to execute consistant service. Staff can’t visit every table in time and orders can be missed. With self service mobile ordering and payments, you get those orders every time.

Boost average spend

On average the size of a self service order is 5% larger. Guest have access to the menu and control of their service experience.

Increase upsell

Missed orders affect upsell opportunities. We highlight your most profitable items and inspire your guests to order those items more frequently.

Elimate walk outs due to payment handling

With self service ordering all orders are paid upfront, so there is no risk of non payment for orders.

Reduce losses due to staff theft

Orders in are pre-paid and remove the opporunity for theft.

Reduce your staff cost

Increase service area coverage

Self service ordering allows your staff to manage a larger amount of guests in the same amount of time. Staff need 50% fewer visits to guest. Guest ordering no longer requires a staff visit. Billing and payments for orders are completed as part of the self ordering process discretely and require no staff time to handle.

Servers only need to greet guests and prepare orders and serve them. That means a single server can provide service to an area twice as large as before.

No more splitting checks guest order individually upfront and pay for their own orders separately. Completely eliminating the time needed to split bills.

Avoid Overstaffing

Busy times are often unpredictable, employees need larger time blocks scheduled than actual service needs may require. smooths out service needs by moving ordering and payment to guests.

Guests use self service more during busier times. The busier you get the more saves on staff cost.