The platform is made up of four key touch points, each refined to perform in the hectic world of food service hospitality.


Easy guest log on

Our ser.vi table tappers allows every guest to connect

Guests just go to www.ser.vi or tap with NFC or scan the QR Code to instantly connect to you.


Self ordering and payment

Guests self order, pay and tip at the table with their own phones

Busy staff can monitor self ordering tables at a glance


Handsfree staff experience

Staff only interact with the tablet when they need to review orders or payments


Guests orders go directly to printers

Ser.vi prints to both your kitchen and bar printers automatically

Pre-paid orders appear in your kitchen and bar, ready to fulfill


Point of sale integration

Send inventory and sales information into your POS for easy daily close out.

Single guest or party ordering

Guests can order and pay for themselves or everyone in their party. No need for bill splitting. Multiple guest orders in the same party are printed together in the kitchen and bar.

Secure Payment Wallet

Guest credit cards are stored in our secure vault which is 100% PCI compliant and Visa certified. Guest can order quickly at any ser.vi venue without having to enter their credit card in again.

Multiple service areas

Provide appropriate guests experiences for various areas in your locations, such as dine-in in your restaurant and delivery to rooms, or counter service at a bar.

Real time stock management

Change the availablity of any item in the menu with a tap of the finger. Ser.vi updates all customer menus all at once, so no guests can accidentaly order an item that you just sold out of.

Fast, direct payments

We connect directly to your merchant account so you get funds as fast as traditional payment processing. We create private merchant service accounts for each business in ser.vi. Enterprises can connect to their own merchant services.

Daily Reports

Ser.vi offers daily, weekly, and monthly, revenue and inventory reports.

Hours of operation

Set the daily opening and closing hours for your ser.vi. Also apply hours of availability to anything on the menu.

Seasonal menus

Create versions of your menu that apply to special events, specific service areas or different times of the year.