the Staff App

iPad or Android

Take out and self delivery

Receive orders and manage menu item with one touch

Orders display, print or come in to email

Receive the customers name, email and phone number

Set any item to out of stock

Set daily items

Order Pickup

Allow customers to order and wait anywhere in the venue and notify them via their phone.

no more kiosks for guest to touch

no more physical pagers

safe and clean

personalized order queue for each customer

easy fast notification of order ready

Dine-in table service

Quickly assess and manage your guests ordering needs

Our tablet provides a display of active tables and customers, so you can identify self ordering guests and those that want full service. Using a color coded system you can see specific details for each guest:

Guest name

Number of items in their cart

Their state of checkout

Success or failure of payment

Items ordered

Handsfree tablet operation

Guest orders automatically are sent to the bar and kitchen printers.

Tablet interactions are not required for orders to be accepted. Staff to not need to enter orders into the POS to print them. will send orders to your compatible POS for inventory and revenue reconciliation.

Easy daily close out

Daily reports show all items, order totals and tips collected. Data can be transmitted to your compatible point of sale system automatically.

Allowing your staff to provide a higher level of service